Monday, February 21, 2011

plastic is fake and love is true


haha.. is it musim mengawan already?? cause my friends started a relationship with their lovers one by one.. like maria said 'bagai cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan..'
kah kah kah..

so left me alone in this big city of U.P.M... i know we cannot have much time together anymore like we used to.. whenever i go to her room, she will bergayut with her bf.. so, i just said to myself, it's ok, i will tell her the story tomorrow.. ( nak jd kawan yg memahami r.. haha). Whenever they tell a story, it's will be more about their bf.. whenever we all hang out their bf will join us.. whenever i want to meet her she is out with her bf.. yes we still friends like before but our time together has been taken by others..

I don't mind.. seriously. ok. mybe a bit la... haha
but the important thing is they happy and i'm glad with it even i will be 'loneranger' starting like NOW!
many friends ask me to find one a.s.a.p, but for me it's not the right time..
cukup sekadar ' jumpa betul2 nanti terus kawin..' so sayep dpt keje dulu joli ngn duit dulu. haha.

its ok, i will have plenty time for myself! (kata2 seorang pathetic =_='')
so rite now.... i'll be jog every evening at bt ekspo.. i'll read notes n do assigments regularly.. i'll check my FB.. oh ya maybe i can enter 'ragbi sentuh' as nano offered to me.. baru tough sikit badan ye tak.. haha
seee... byk bende boleh wat.
ok now off to read notes makanan halal yaw..

sat sat..
before that i would like to share this cute short msg that one guy give to a girl..

' Assalamualaikum.. menemui sahabatku -------... aku perlukan ilmu mu sbgai wanita... hehe. agak2 bile boleh call ko... nak buat appointment ni....'

i know it is super sempoi n cool rite?? hahahaha..

*i'm sorry if i rather be alone than join others...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

addicted to inianwarhadi

that is the status at my fb yaw!!

n that is the topic that i'm gonna tell you...


he is not a big name in youtube............................YET!
soon he will, i can guarantee that.
he is so cool, i like his english n also his loghat utara..(melt when i heard it)
like the way the journey of the video, the cut2 things, the way he made all those sengal faces, his funny act n most important the topic he highlight every each video.. superb!
someone said that he's a clone maria elena zarul for a man version..
these two really have to make collaboration of a funny video..

plus, he is a handsome guy! *drools
i dont know how old are he but can i call u abg?? or anwar sayang?? hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... back to reality nadia repeat back to reality! hahahaha
i dont know much about him except that his bro n cousin study in kl,
he will be fly to australia to further his study oh! he is gone already to australia, the fact that u are the second guy that i like ur english slang.. n u seriously look handsome in that white shirt! fuh.
this is my very fav video among off all n of course all his video is may favourite..
check out his link (wifi ni takleh nak upload vid, biasa r wifi hostel free...)

sayep dah khatam suma video die ye..

n to anwar hadi!!
tolong cepat post lagi video2 terbaru.. im eager to watch them!! i m ur kipas susah mati u know..
when u went to kl n stop by at bandar tasik selatan but don even singgah di UPM, im very frustrated u know... uuuwwwaaaa...
ok back to reality nadia back to reality.

i always support u anwar hadi..
support malaysian youtuber!!