Monday, December 29, 2008


at last... i got the KAMI's book... its a last minit work man.. huhu..
so me, mar, biha, n yan went out to klcc...
its a coincidence actually.. at first i want to go to klcc(just to buy KAMI book!!) by myself... then Mar smsing me n ask to accompany her to jj.. so pelagi i plak ask her why not go to klcc.. its more to insist rather than asking.. hehe... but she willing to n dipendekkan cite biha n yan also join us..
so shower... dress up.. simple je.. went to Mar's house at 3.15 pm.. Yan waited angrily at lrt coz we late a little bit(hehe)... laughing2 in the lrt... reach klcc at 4.00pm.. went home at 7.3opm..
its late isnt it.. like i said its last minit do... but menjadi... huhu.
so when reach at klss we straight went to kinokuniya n ask the lady for the KAMI book..
Thank God the BOOK still ada!! n im earning the 724 copy out of 1000...
told ya its LIMITED!! just 1000 copy only!!
the book cost RM30 but i need to buy other book coz im using the credit card..
oh.. ive got my own credit card!! weeehuu..
its my first time usnig it.. lame huh?? kesah pe aku.. haha.
so just buy the english story book 'cross ur heart'.. quite interesting................i guest?
Then we just tgk2 bag coz Mar want to buy one..
she like the Converse bag but she not buy it coz she want to tgk2 other bag at other places..
fussy huh?? hah..
oh.. n i met Nasha Aziz too.. so cute do..

waited for MAK CIK biha n MAK CIK mar...

me.. yan.. Mar..

The KAMI's book

Saturday, December 27, 2008


spend time wif my adek...
we just want to buy him the SCHOOL's cloths 4 the 'back to school!!' haha but it turns out to be hilarious day...
n i menyalahgunakan the money tat my ayah gave to me..
the money suppose to buy the cloths..
sorry... hehe..
we just bought foods ok wat y'all thinking??
we eat at dellifrance n bought big apple donut.. (not mention tat my adek had a lunch before we went to jj) he a food monster u know.. me just ate lunch after come back home from jj..
at first we want to buy trouser but it just too expensive...
RM 35!! cekik darah... beli kt hari-hari lg murah..
then suddenly my adek want to wear the old one...
(ckp2 awl kn senang takde r aku bersusah payah keluar mencari baju suar sek)...
but we do bought new shoes 4 him.. at least 1 thing pun ok r....
we also play car game n as usual me no 4th!!!
i seek 4 KAMI's book again but went out disappointed again...
i want to buy this book no matter wat!!!
so at 5 pm...come back home...give the money back to my ayah......n run to my bedroom coz taknak kene soal ngan ayah(i had menyalahgunakan the money, remeber?? haha)...

muka bangga idung kembang

Thursday, December 25, 2008


template baru..
warna baru..
ada bunga2..
ada rangkai bunga..
warna tulisan putih ungu...
tp still suka background putih!
tp ni ok gak kot..
penat gak mencari link yg hilang..
tetiba gamba pun hilang..
lantak r..


frust giler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cannot get tha KAMI's book because it has sold out!!!!
kecewa nak mampos..
ct had told tat the book is limited... the one tat she saw pun was only one left... just one!!! but i think i can manage to get the book today..................
think positive konon tp tak dpt gak...

but today was sooooooooo njoy giler!!
i went out to klcc with azim, umi, nasywa, yasmin, hidayah n her bf n fic..
its has been so long i didnt go out with them!!
so we just hang out... xchnage study's experince...jln2... minum starbuck...mkn mcd... wanna watch twilight but tak, umi n nasywa bought baju tido with the same corak..
then nasywa said 'sebaik kt belaja tempat laen2'...
n laughing n laughing n laugh n laugh.....
just forget all the probs...

rite now just wait for ct to come back home from kg...
wanna sembang with her soooooooo bad!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


its my blood!!!
im the AB type='kedekut' type..
same like tuan die r...haha..
im not stingy just thrifty...
its not the main point that i wanna talk today... we did the bio practical about the ABO Blood group inheritance..
i just know my type is AB bt dun know wheter its positive or negative..
because by the time i wanna cucuk my finger again, the lancet(needle)had finish..
the pricking my finger part is a bit hurt n i afraid tu prick by myself so i ask my friend to help..
she just had the characteristics of doc cause her face was so selambe when do the prick even she did at her own hand!!
she prick my other friends too..its 4 including me..
shes like pro.. perh..
my hand was cooling and shaking before the pricking session is start...
well im afraid of needle!! haha.. shhhhh...just keep this secret between u n me..
but overall it was fun n i want to prick my finger again, unfortunatly the lancet is not enough..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

old memory bout THE BOY comes back..


yesterday its the closing for the FESTIVAL NUR ISLAM..
in the day we had the karnival where all the pameran about islam..
they also sold scarf..brooch..books bout islam..ect..
best gak..
i like the fashion shows n of course the muslimah fashion..
they also show how to wear scarf in various way..
i learn a lot!!!
kidding. haha.. i just watch for a while cause my stomach sang the hardcore song=HUNGRY!!
then we go for lunch..
bt i do learn a little bit..
oh yeah, i also bought a brooch.. just simple white brooch..
it cost rm10...

at night we have the penutupan rasmi..
they invited mestika n amar.. the nasyid band..
sori..i dont know that band so im not as fanatic as everyone else..
but their voices are good man!!!
i enjoyed last night..
i like when amar show his magic skill..
i tell u he's rrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy GOOD!!
i amazed by his performance..
hmm...i didnt won the khat cmpetition(the 1 tat i post before..)
but hey i experience smthin new n tats is good enough 4 me althought i want tat hamper so badly..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


raya aji is not gempak as the past raya aji..
few things happen n i also not saw the 'sembelih lembu'..
bt still best gak r cause kami ziarah menziarahi..


which is yesterday..
my mtrik wat raya qurban gak..
so.. 5 lembu tumbang..
still tak dpt tgk acara sembelihan..
bt kitorang dpt makanan free!!!!!!
makan gulai kawah...
sedap do...
tp yg lawaknye aku, min, n mun g amek kul 5 tp dapat makan lepas maghrib..
salah kitorang gak..
org beratur amek makanan kitorang duk melepak kt tepi..
bila lauk dah abes baru r terhegeh2 nk pi amek lauk..
by the time kitorang smpai lauk abis!!!
so kitorang pun tggu r lauk seterusnya..
nk pendekkan cite kitrang pn dpt r amek lauk tu n makan lepas maghrib..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


just 2.80..
ok ke??
ntah r..
tp aku da cuba yg terbaek..
sampai ni je kot rezeki aku...
takpe2 sem 2 wat lg baek!!
gambate nadia!!

aku amek result kul 1 padahal semua da amek kul 12..
saje lmbat2 mls tgk ramai org..
so dpt tau je kol ibu..

ibu... me...
ha.. nadia da amek result?? dpt bape??
hmm... 2.8 je...(i said two point eight)
haaaa!! teruknya..!! cketnye!!............................................takper r asalkan ndia dah try...
hmm.. tu r.. nk wat cmne.. bnda dah lepas..(sob sob)
tu la.. betul gak.. tp... nape cket sgt smpai 1.8??(ibu says satu point eight)..
???????????????? ha?? bu ndia dpt two point eight not satu point eight....
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???? la.... ok r tu... ibu nk pengsan bla ndia ckp ndia dpt 1.8..
hahahaha (gelak kuat tak ingat)... pe la ibu ni.. ibu pk ndia blh dpt bape??
ibu target ndia dpt 3.00 bt 2.8 pn ok what.. ibu just bundarkn jd 3 je.. hahaha..

im happy as long as my ibu satisfied..
i know she expect more than this..
im glad she accept my result..
so agak lawak r...
then kol bie(mar)..
n bg msj kt semua kengkawan..
so i dun want to give up!!!
i know i can score in sem 2!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

KHAT cmpetition

so yesterday i enter KHAT competition..
at first i dont want to bt my friend keep ajaking me to join this cmpetition...

nadia jom r masuk pertandingan khat tu...
tak nak r takut....
nk takut pe??

aku mane pndai do.. klu setakat khat biasa aku tak kesah ni nk kenah gubah2 r kreatif2 r...
malas r..

alaaaaaa.... jom r... sempena besday aku aritu...
blh ek ek ek....

k r aku masuk...

haha.. actually i berminat cket r nk tau psl cmpetitn ni..
so yesterday is the day..
they give 2 hours to cmplete the khat writing..
its fun you know eventhough we r verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy nervous when we first enter the room...
i anta 3 keping min anta 5 keping..
she said she can make a scrapt book with those her khat..
well she got her skill do... perh..

so this the pic of the khat...

my first khat writing..

the 2nd one... keris tu... haha

the 3rd one... burok gak r..

min nye... told ya she had skill!!! she even wrote her name in flower shape but i didnt catch the pic... sorii.. hehe..

Saturday, November 29, 2008


just now i saw my form 5 pic with all my friends...classmate...
we're so happy in those pic..
i wish i could turn back time n laugh with all my friends again...
but its not gonna happen!!
smetimes i just cant take it..
i want my f.5 life back!!
could anyone give me that??
yes. i can meet them but surely its not gonna be the same laughter rite..
n yes. i have to move on but i have the old memory keeps playing in my head..
youre a liar when u said u not in the same situation as me..
in a differ old memory..
people changes..
so do me..
n smtimes i hate that!!!
gosh i miss them!!!
damn much!!!
i hate my life in this damn jail!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give me more tissues!!

i have runny nose so bbbbaaad!!!
its run quickly n fasterly!!
haha..joking... but seriously bad until i disturb the peace in my room n also annoy my roommate with all these sniiffff!!
sorry... hehe..
plus sakit tekak n batuk make the sick go so well!!
n all tans of works that never end...
byk mengeluh isn it??
so yesterday around 12 msging iba but end up left her alone cause gone to sleep..
sori dude..
got bio practical after this n still not finish my jotter book yet..
cikgu tak check kot..
takyah r wat..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



why do i have to live with this kind of roomate??!!
shes so bloody shit n not respect to others at all perhaps especially me!!
tolong r.. i just want some piece n find sunshine in this morning..
not U to SCREWD UP my day!!

sabar tu separuh drpd iman..
now other story..

currently i realllllyyyyyyyy like this man..

i dont know how to spell his name..
some use kim jeong hoon n some use kim jung hoon..
his korean n his japanese name is john hoon..
i started to like im when he play role of 'Prince Yul' in PRINCES HOURS!!
i know its kind too late 4 me cause i baru jer tgk tat drama..
its was sooo awsome drama!!
he got nice voice too...
i love when he sing the parrot song more than howl sing it..
whatever it is...
i love u KIM JEONG HOON!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


i just started my new sem today..
lucky i got funny and kind lect for almost every subject..
so far its ok for me..
i just have to get used for my really2 pack schedule..
i hope i can catch up faster for math in this sem..
very scared rite now because almost lect said that sem 2 will be thougher than sem 1..
well thats it is rite..
miss my home a lot!!!!
dont know why!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


hidup ini penuh dgn perubahan..
dari kecik..
ke sekolah rendah..
ke sekolah menengah..
ke kolej..
ke kerja..

klu la perubahan ini dpt dihentikan..
atau kita boleh kembali ke masa lampau..
pd masa yg bahagia..
alangkah bagus..
tp mustahil bnda tu akan terjadi..
hidup mesti langkah ke hadapan..

aku tak suka nk balik ke sana..
aku rindukan rumah ku..
wlaupun rumahku tak seindah mana..
semakin hari semakin jarang aku berjumpa dgn abgku..
bergurau dgnnya..
menghabiskan masa dengannya..
walaupun dia tak tahu..
betapa aku syukur dpt abg yg nakal..liar..funny..panas baran sepertinya..
aku rindukan guraun nya..

paling rapat dgnku..
dah besar..
dah ada kawan sendiri..
dah ada awek sendiri..
tp aku bangga kerana dia masih mencariku walau apa pun maslahnya..

ayah dan ibuku..
aku tak marah diorang bz or takde masa nk layan ank2nya saban hari..
aku tau diorang cari nafkah ntuk besarkan kami 3 beradik..
diorang sanggup layan ank diorang yg nakal-nakal ni..
tp.. papepun diorang pandai curi masa ntuk bersama keluarga..
ibuku adalah tulang belakangku..
bapaku tkkan blh ganti dgn org ;ain di dunia ni..

di sana..
aku tak bahagia..
walaupun ada kwn..
tak sma dgn kawa2ku di sini..
walaupun ada makanan..
tak sama dgn maskan ibu dan ayahku di sini..

di sana..
tandas adalah privasiku..
selalu menangis..melalak..

aku sgt rindukan keluargaku..
aku selau homesick..
biarlah org kata perangaiku mcm budak2..
biarlah di sana tidak seberapa jauhnya..
biarlah org kata semua benda ni adalah normal..
aku tetap aku..
yang amat memntingksn nilai sebuah keluarga...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

its over!!

my nightmare xam had over!!
korunk tak tau betapa susahnye xam ku ini..
so far.......

bi- huhu.. paling senang antara suma..
chem- byk gile reka cite molekul2 bercampur baur..
bio- my fav!! but jawab pun agak kelam kabut+yakin=ok la...
mate- WTH!! down gile lepas jwab mate...

jumlah= not bad gak r pekse ni tp takut markah rendah pun ada...

akhir kata...
cintailah bahasa melayu..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

miss my home..

been bz..
been stressy..
been dizzy..
been jelousy..
been rushy..


Thursday, October 16, 2008


skinny legs, bogger breasts
is all they want to see
tiny waists and thinner arms
the opposite of me.
the pressure to be perfect
is slowly closing in
an utter suffocation
that doesnt seem to end.
society is telling me
BEUTIFUL is thin
and if i choose to STARVE myself
perfection's what i win.
shoving somwthing down my throat
will get me what i want
bring me closer to that GOAL
of a body i cant FLAUNT.
society is telling us
beauty is the prize
measured in the size of ur breast
in weight and clothing size.
but let me tell u here n now
NO GOOD will come from that
it seems ok at first
but soon becomes a trap.
a disease that clouds the mind
and BELIVES what i s UNTRUE
belives u never good enough
no matter what u do.
there is one beuty that i know
its the greatest prize of all
its learning to ACCEPT urself
imperfections flaws n all
the beauty that really matters
lies in our HEART, our SOUL, oue core
becaise when u LOVE whats INSIDE
u love whats outside even more..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


sorry not blogging lately...
been bz n stressy!!
final just around corner..
i didnt finish revision in all subject yet..
so hopefully can finish them in study week wich only ONE WEEK..
i hope i can do my very best in final!!
see ya...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pesta tanglung

i never know how chinese celebrate the lunar festival until now..
not only i know how the festival is going but im also part of it..
the festival about u lighten ur neighbourhood by using tanglung n walking wif frens or relatives..
we just celebrate the lunar festival just now..
yap just a few hours a go!!
ya, i know it suppose to be 15 august but we have things, dis n dat n bla bla... so finally tonight we (especially me, the one who exited gile!!) celebrate it..
it started at 8 pm..
n i won the 'teka-teki' contest..
the prize is key chain.. not bad la... cute!!!
n its red colour match wif my phone..
the show is really damn good!!!
the drama indeed funny..
its about chinese fantasy story...
n also other bestest show!!
in my life i always watch malay drama since primary until high school n i never knew the chinese drama so fantastic..
lain dr yg lain..
but didnt get a chance to see indian's one.. maybe later..

me n dila.. waiting..

the 'teka-teki'

me n dila's prizes

its mine?? kawaii!!

the backdrop.. cool hah??

the drama

coir.. chinese song..

poem in chinese

he can play wif 2 music using his mouth n create 2 different music!!

the fan dance..shan ze wu in chinese..

its tanglung time!!

all the light come from tanglung!!.. its longer than u thought..

moon cake.. yum2!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


im not good at bi writing but i try my best to be one..
maybe because it has been long time since im not writing essay
n bi paper 4 final is just around a corner..
n im afraid if i couldnt do the essay..
instead of writing im typing in this blog in bi although i know my sentences will be like WAT!!
seriously im not good like fic, yasmin, mim n mirrah in writing..
i impress whenever i read their essay..
i open my dictionary to write the next sentences..
such a lame.. haha..
but life is about to learn right..
n MUET is coming..
we have to take the speaking, listening, and writing test..
i can n like to speak english but in the rojak way..
i cannot like fully speak english in the whole time...
wat im going to do??
dont know.. i want to speak wif other friends but they think im like playing around n they didnt reply me in english..
want to speak wif old friend but currently save my credit..
so BLOG, u the only thing i can improve my bi but just only in WRITING!!
hmm.. never mind i think.. at least i can write something freely in this blog..
so to SITI AMINAH, thank you because you the one who introduce me to this blog..

short list..

culinary art..
art designer..

the first one is the most thing i wannabe n so on..
so what y'all think??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

matrik's life:

wake up
take a bath
go to kuliah or tuto
back to room
go to kuliah or tuto again
kroh kroh..

what a dull life..

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bermakna di hari raya..

rindu gile nk blogging..
acctually now im at comp lab but lect give permission for all of us to do our own work..
so blogging is the best answer!!
acctually skang ni tgh bertarung dlm hati sbb tgh sedih gle..
rasa nk balik kg balik!!!
the last 2 days at kg is the best day..
but sebelum tu ktorang wat bbq..
gempak habis!!!
hari sabtu tu kitorang g mandi sungai..
rombongan semua sedare mare..
best gile!! air die damn cool!!
kitorang berenang kt tempat dlm n bile smpai satu tempat kitorang bertenggek atas kayu besar..
tempat tu mmg dalam
so peringatan kpd adik2 yg tak pandai berenang, jgn tiru aksi ni!!
even aku yg pndai berenang pun blh TERlemas!!
tp sekejap je lemas sbb masalah teknikal.. huhu..
sebelum mandi kitorang makan nasi lemak yg kitorang bawak bekal..
sedap hingga menjilat kuku..
so malam pulak aku, ika, shiera, abg ku, adikku, abg jie, n kwn abg ku which name is joe g maen bowling..
cute gile joe tu cam ako mustapha!!
but the bowling is not the best bowling i have been..
bola kejap berat kejap ringan..
ada lubang besar lubang kecik r..
anyway we have good time there..
tp yg tak bestnye aku dpt tempat last!!
pity me!!
part plg best bile balik sbb aku naik keta dgn abg jie ku..
tetiba mlm tu pulak die byk luahkan masalah die kt aku..
so terasa agak special mlm tu..
byk pasal hal makwe r..
but its ok sbb aku dpt tau hati budi yg tersirat disebalik perangai 'nakal' die tu..
he such a nice guy but a little bit pemalas...
i think not a little.. haha..
n then kitorang suma singgah kt pantai lepak smpai pukul 3 pagi..
balik kg ni aku byk rapat ngan die n op couse r ngan adek die pun, ika..
miss them sooo much!!!

the conclusion is:
balik kg ni the best thing tat ever happen to me in this year...!!
i never forget the memory..
tak sabar nk tggu raya haji sbb ibu ckp semua sedare dari ganu turun kl..
but first have to concentrate to my final first..

will bw blogging soon..
p/s: sori tak dpt letak gamba sbb lupa bawak cabel cause im in the comp lab not at bilik.. tp byk gak gmba aku smpat tgkap..

to ct:
tmpat aku mandi sungai lg best r!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


9.35 p.m...
dont know what to say
but still wanna write smtin in dis blog..
tadi baru jer tgk ct balik kg..
when i see she's going n slowly the vision of car disapper from my eyes
i felt like i am left behind..
n im started miss her..
damn much!!
perhaps because i cannot see her about 1 month later..
the more i think about it the more i wanna cry..
n i cry..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ragam berbuka!!

Today is the best buka pose in this year..
well... for now.. hehe
i buka wif my tutormate..
its full of laughter, happy, camera freak(including me), n we really2 enjoy it..
we ate nasi tomato, karipap, agar2, n cocktail!!! yummy!!
n these are some pic when we waiting 4 azan..

ile berbuka

then we eat till full...
actually i want to eat some more nasi tomato but too shy to tambah nasi...
n then min said 'kt sini konsep dia sapa malu rugi sendiri'
we laughing when min said that..'
i know she wont help me to get the rice..
but she volunteer to teman me..
n it turn out very funny way because both of us walk very creepy way towards nasi like we have done wrong..
when we get to the tong nasi we end up laughing when my mun said our act like want to steal something.. haha..
n... i still didnt get nasi tambah!!
but at last my friends that seat behind me give me the extra nasi
n.. finally i GET THE NASI!!
haha.. lol..
so after having a great dinner.. as usual la 1 2 3 CLICK!!

class potrait (me is the stripe shirt)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

takde keje d bulen pose

best giler do g 'laluan sihat' aritu..
terlupa nk bg pendahuluan.. ahaks.
ok.. it start like this..
aku, sue(the coklat t-shirt), nurin(the blue t-shirt) and other girls nk g maen badminton..
punye r jalan jauh last2 tmpat nk pinjam badminton tu tutup..
so me, sue n nurin decided to go to laluan sihat.. but the others not following us..
then ktorang jalan2 kt laluan sihat jumpa r pulak 1 bukit ni (kinda..!!) haha..
so palagi.. fhotoshoot time!!
check out these pic..
At that 'bukit'..

Melompat lebih tinggi...

otw back to asrama..




kene duri semalu... agak sakit r...(cket jerk)

so at the end of the day, ktorang balik kul 7 terus tggu bkak pose..
op course r byk lg bende best ktorang wat kt sana..
but its secret!!