Tuesday, October 21, 2008

miss my home..

been bz..
been stressy..
been dizzy..
been jelousy..
been rushy..


Thursday, October 16, 2008


skinny legs, bogger breasts
is all they want to see
tiny waists and thinner arms
the opposite of me.
the pressure to be perfect
is slowly closing in
an utter suffocation
that doesnt seem to end.
society is telling me
BEUTIFUL is thin
and if i choose to STARVE myself
perfection's what i win.
shoving somwthing down my throat
will get me what i want
bring me closer to that GOAL
of a body i cant FLAUNT.
society is telling us
beauty is the prize
measured in the size of ur breast
in weight and clothing size.
but let me tell u here n now
NO GOOD will come from that
it seems ok at first
but soon becomes a trap.
a disease that clouds the mind
and BELIVES what i s UNTRUE
belives u never good enough
no matter what u do.
there is one beuty that i know
its the greatest prize of all
its learning to ACCEPT urself
imperfections flaws n all
the beauty that really matters
lies in our HEART, our SOUL, oue core
becaise when u LOVE whats INSIDE
u love whats outside even more..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


sorry not blogging lately...
been bz n stressy!!
final just around corner..
i didnt finish revision in all subject yet..
so hopefully can finish them in study week wich only ONE WEEK..
i hope i can do my very best in final!!
see ya...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pesta tanglung

i never know how chinese celebrate the lunar festival until now..
not only i know how the festival is going but im also part of it..
the festival about u lighten ur neighbourhood by using tanglung n walking wif frens or relatives..
we just celebrate the lunar festival just now..
yap just a few hours a go!!
ya, i know it suppose to be 15 august but we have things, dis n dat n bla bla... so finally tonight we (especially me, the one who exited gile!!) celebrate it..
it started at 8 pm..
n i won the 'teka-teki' contest..
the prize is key chain.. not bad la... cute!!!
n its red colour match wif my phone..
the show is really damn good!!!
the drama indeed funny..
its about chinese fantasy story...
n also other bestest show!!
in my life i always watch malay drama since primary until high school n i never knew the chinese drama so fantastic..
lain dr yg lain..
but didnt get a chance to see indian's one.. maybe later..

me n dila.. waiting..

the 'teka-teki'

me n dila's prizes

its mine?? kawaii!!

the backdrop.. cool hah??

the drama

coir.. chinese song..

poem in chinese

he can play wif 2 music using his mouth n create 2 different music!!

the fan dance..shan ze wu in chinese..

its tanglung time!!

all the light come from tanglung!!.. its longer than u thought..

moon cake.. yum2!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


im not good at bi writing but i try my best to be one..
maybe because it has been long time since im not writing essay
n bi paper 4 final is just around a corner..
n im afraid if i couldnt do the essay..
instead of writing im typing in this blog in bi although i know my sentences will be like WAT!!
seriously im not good like fic, yasmin, mim n mirrah in writing..
i impress whenever i read their essay..
i open my dictionary to write the next sentences..
such a lame.. haha..
but life is about to learn right..
n MUET is coming..
we have to take the speaking, listening, and writing test..
i can n like to speak english but in the rojak way..
i cannot like fully speak english in the whole time...
wat im going to do??
dont know.. i want to speak wif other friends but they think im like playing around n they didnt reply me in english..
want to speak wif old friend but currently save my credit..
so BLOG, u the only thing i can improve my bi but just only in WRITING!!
hmm.. never mind i think.. at least i can write something freely in this blog..
so to SITI AMINAH, thank you because you the one who introduce me to this blog..

short list..

culinary art..
art designer..

the first one is the most thing i wannabe n so on..
so what y'all think??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

matrik's life:

wake up
take a bath
go to kuliah or tuto
back to room
go to kuliah or tuto again
kroh kroh..

what a dull life..

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bermakna di hari raya..

rindu gile nk blogging..
acctually now im at comp lab but lect give permission for all of us to do our own work..
so blogging is the best answer!!
acctually skang ni tgh bertarung dlm hati sbb tgh sedih gle..
rasa nk balik kg balik!!!
the last 2 days at kg is the best day..
but sebelum tu ktorang wat bbq..
gempak habis!!!
hari sabtu tu kitorang g mandi sungai..
rombongan semua sedare mare..
best gile!! air die damn cool!!
kitorang berenang kt tempat dlm n bile smpai satu tempat kitorang bertenggek atas kayu besar..
tempat tu mmg dalam
so peringatan kpd adik2 yg tak pandai berenang, jgn tiru aksi ni!!
even aku yg pndai berenang pun blh TERlemas!!
tp sekejap je lemas sbb masalah teknikal.. huhu..
sebelum mandi kitorang makan nasi lemak yg kitorang bawak bekal..
sedap hingga menjilat kuku..
so malam pulak aku, ika, shiera, abg ku, adikku, abg jie, n kwn abg ku which name is joe g maen bowling..
cute gile joe tu cam ako mustapha!!
but the bowling is not the best bowling i have been..
bola kejap berat kejap ringan..
ada lubang besar lubang kecik r..
anyway we have good time there..
tp yg tak bestnye aku dpt tempat last!!
pity me!!
part plg best bile balik sbb aku naik keta dgn abg jie ku..
tetiba mlm tu pulak die byk luahkan masalah die kt aku..
so terasa agak special mlm tu..
byk pasal hal makwe r..
but its ok sbb aku dpt tau hati budi yg tersirat disebalik perangai 'nakal' die tu..
he such a nice guy but a little bit pemalas...
i think not a little.. haha..
n then kitorang suma singgah kt pantai lepak smpai pukul 3 pagi..
balik kg ni aku byk rapat ngan die n op couse r ngan adek die pun, ika..
miss them sooo much!!!

the conclusion is:
balik kg ni the best thing tat ever happen to me in this year...!!
i never forget the memory..
tak sabar nk tggu raya haji sbb ibu ckp semua sedare dari ganu turun kl..
but first have to concentrate to my final first..

will bw blogging soon..
p/s: sori tak dpt letak gamba sbb lupa bawak cabel cause im in the comp lab not at bilik.. tp byk gak gmba aku smpat tgkap..

to ct:
tmpat aku mandi sungai lg best r!!!