Monday, March 23, 2009


DATE: 22.march.2009
TIME: 6.00 (AJK)...... 8.00 (all student)
VENUE: belakang Dewan Datuk Bahaman...

hidupkan bara api..

seri malu jumpa kelvin

me kipas asap..

bakar sampai malam..!!!!

timbunan ayam n sosej....

with MR.HANDSOME....(hafiz)

with MR. ALWAYS SICK................(zahin)

MISSES FUNNY...................aji, mun, me!!

vivian n sin n kelvin(nyibuk je..)

4 sekawan!!

ketua kelas(nadia jgk) n kelvin

gambar sekeluarga!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i dont do somthing wrong...

yesterday night i couldnt sleep cause i oversleep in the day..
i want to do math bt end up watch korean movie at my laptop.. haha..
its nearly 2 am n the movie had come to the end when EMIRA msging if i were sleeping or not..
she cannot sleep either with same reason like me..(dak mtrik mmg suka tdo siang eh??).. so she ask me wheter i wanna do math with her.. n without long thinking i reply 'yes'...
but my heart say no.. haha.. bt i wanna pleasant my heart that at least i do some math!! haha..
few minutes later emira came into my room with math books.. we decided to do proBABIlity..
she did first bt i waited for the movie to end..
after the movie end..close book.. bt a few second later my eye start feel heavy n for the accurate words SLEEPY.. it almost 3 o'clock!! so i told em i wanna sleep..

me, em
oit..nantok r..aku tdo dlu leh tak??
takleh... takyah tdo smpai pg..
ala.. aku nantok ko tdo r kt sini...
aku tdo belah ni ko tdo belah sana..
apa?? kt share katil ni ke??
ye r.. aku tak kesah.. selimut aku pun besar bantal ada lebih..
ok gak.. aku malas nk naik bilek(tgkat 2)..

then i open my blanket n she off the study lamp...
just imagine single bed share with two person.. thank god she's thin.. haha..
so we sleep so stiffly n this morning i dun know why my back hurt.. haha.. bt i do know that none of us jatuh katil..

*i just sleep with someone!! omg!! XD

Thursday, March 19, 2009



so im gonna be too bz to update..

ja ne..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

me cook!!

makanan yg ada di atas..:

purple cabbage..
round sandwich..
mayonese (in the tomato)..
apple (if u can see)
kain batik meen..
my tweety handkerchief

today i entered the cooking competition..
yeah its so COOKING..all we do is just made sandwich n dessert!! haha..
but our group is so creative cause we made the round shape sandwich instead of triangle sandwich.. at least i think like that... neway thanks to seri case its her idea.. huhu..
they give us 1 hour to complete the dish.. bt it doesnt stress us at all..(belagak!)
however, we anxious in order to complete it..
seri was so funny the whole time.. haha..
and for the dessert we make coconut shake bt we use yam flavour for ice cream..
when the judges came i like so hard explain them bout the dessert cause they never taste that kind of coconut shake.. so lame.. haha..
n the funny part is when all the judges finish eating n questioning, all the student serbu our sandwich.. i even didnt eat my own sandwich!! bt i do taste my dessert..
after all our hard work.... finally we get 2nd for this competition!!
for me its more than ok cause im satisfied that all my friends said our sandwich is the most creative n our dessert is bizarre yet delicious.. n i got a lot of complements from other student...

we got hamper!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009!!

azim="ko ni kene senyum cket r.. ni asyik wat muka marah je laki mana nk dekat ngan ko klu cmtu.."

iba="at least bila ko smile diorang pun senang hati n pk ko mesti interested dgn story die"

pn. Zai="kita ni kene senyum selalu even klu gi temu duga yg susah sekalipun just keep smiling..."

so that it.. i've heard 3 voices bout the important of keeping smile.. my motto from today is KEEP SMILING WHEREVER YOU ARE... so im gonna start rite now...

here i just found a writing about smile:

Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin
When he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile then I realized its worth,
A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth.
So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected
Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!

Keep the smile going by sending this on to a friend.
Everyone needs a smile!!!

*but dont misunderstood me that im crazy n have to go to hospital bahagia...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Turn 19 not 91

yay.. its my birhtday!!
happy birhtday to me..happy b'day to me...
k.. its a long story bt im gonna make it short n sexy...

first and foremost:

i got a new ODM watch which i want it so badly from my ibu!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..... its the greatest present ever!!!

me n my family had a big dinner to celebrate our siblings besday.. cause the date of birth for me n my two brothers are quite near... which is my bro=8.1, me=9.3, and the youngest=21.2...
so its like awal blan je tetiba mak gugur abes suma rambut sbb nk beli present tuk kitorang...
back to the topic.. the dinner took place at NELAYAN RESTAURANT... and our family wore the formal clothes.. thanks to my bro cause its all his idea.. nk raikan hari istimewa la ktakan...
the funny part is only OUR FAMILY had the formal cloths on our body but the rest family just wore t-shirt n casual.. so rasa cam vip pun ada XD!!

Last bt not least:
i wanna thank you for all friends that wish me... n to all that gave me present too!!
start with:
YASMIN (kawan pertama beb bt awl 2 min.. haha)
AZIM (kol tak bg slam trus nyanyi)
AMAL (ni pun sama tak bg salam trus nyanyi)

once again THANK YOU guys, girls...

*sori no pic.. ternet lembap!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

At last!!!!
i made my decision!!
i had go to the RTM trip!! yea...
but unlucky for me coz zahin had bought his ticket.. *grr..* wanna kill him someday.. haha..
i wonder how he always get ticket even for the very last minute...!
so my RM25 for the ticket is completely burn!! T_T!
ok back to the trip..
basically, no, amazingly unexpectedly i had so much fun!!
but i have to woke up at 3.00am because we have to gather at 4.00 am at Astaka..
im so sleepy man.. but im sleeping like mayat hidup dlm bas tu.. haha..
the important is i learn a lot of things regarding the broadcasting...
do you know that the cos for the one and only studio maya at rtm is half of million!!
wow!! and also some other things like the studios need very cold temp to balance the heat from lightning that need at least 1000 volt to work it.. and incredibly there have 80++ spotlight in it..
but our trip end at 11.00....
so sekejap ne?? but it was an enjoyment trip!!
then call my ibu, pick me up n go back home...
mish my homey!!!! weee...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

tomorrow i will go back home!!!!
but i just have 1 prob that disturb my exited feeling....
i have to go to RTM,kl trip at the same day n the worst part is the trip start at 4.00 AM!!
I've already had bought ticket to kl n then have to go to the suddenly-trip at kl too??
n i heard that we cannot sesuka hati nk balik umah eventhough our home is in kl..
somehow i feel that my matrik's management is the worst..!! haha..
seriously why they do the trip when they know hundreds people will go home for the holiday??
no worry. cause zahin (ehem emira) will be my replacement for my seat IF I GO TO THE TRIP.. so my money for ticket isnt burn completely..
i think i wanna sell my ticket for the higher price to zahin since he's so desperate for the ticket..
hahahaha..!! nk balik sgt tp malas beli tiket...last2 tiket dah abes.. serve him right..
but first i have to go for the taklimat n then i'll ask for the prmision to go home right after the trip n then i will certainly know what the best decision for me............................... i hope..
if i go to the trip i've save RM25 plus experience too!! (NERD) haha..

at last i made my roommate create her own blog!!
yes!! im a successfully girl!! huhuhu.
blog, commission please...

*dear emira...
please drop by to my room.......i wanna know ur new blog url..