Monday, December 29, 2008


at last... i got the KAMI's book... its a last minit work man.. huhu..
so me, mar, biha, n yan went out to klcc...
its a coincidence actually.. at first i want to go to klcc(just to buy KAMI book!!) by myself... then Mar smsing me n ask to accompany her to jj.. so pelagi i plak ask her why not go to klcc.. its more to insist rather than asking.. hehe... but she willing to n dipendekkan cite biha n yan also join us..
so shower... dress up.. simple je.. went to Mar's house at 3.15 pm.. Yan waited angrily at lrt coz we late a little bit(hehe)... laughing2 in the lrt... reach klcc at 4.00pm.. went home at 7.3opm..
its late isnt it.. like i said its last minit do... but menjadi... huhu.
so when reach at klss we straight went to kinokuniya n ask the lady for the KAMI book..
Thank God the BOOK still ada!! n im earning the 724 copy out of 1000...
told ya its LIMITED!! just 1000 copy only!!
the book cost RM30 but i need to buy other book coz im using the credit card..
oh.. ive got my own credit card!! weeehuu..
its my first time usnig it.. lame huh?? kesah pe aku.. haha.
so just buy the english story book 'cross ur heart'.. quite interesting................i guest?
Then we just tgk2 bag coz Mar want to buy one..
she like the Converse bag but she not buy it coz she want to tgk2 other bag at other places..
fussy huh?? hah..
oh.. n i met Nasha Aziz too.. so cute do..

waited for MAK CIK biha n MAK CIK mar...

me.. yan.. Mar..

The KAMI's book

Saturday, December 27, 2008


spend time wif my adek...
we just want to buy him the SCHOOL's cloths 4 the 'back to school!!' haha but it turns out to be hilarious day...
n i menyalahgunakan the money tat my ayah gave to me..
the money suppose to buy the cloths..
sorry... hehe..
we just bought foods ok wat y'all thinking??
we eat at dellifrance n bought big apple donut.. (not mention tat my adek had a lunch before we went to jj) he a food monster u know.. me just ate lunch after come back home from jj..
at first we want to buy trouser but it just too expensive...
RM 35!! cekik darah... beli kt hari-hari lg murah..
then suddenly my adek want to wear the old one...
(ckp2 awl kn senang takde r aku bersusah payah keluar mencari baju suar sek)...
but we do bought new shoes 4 him.. at least 1 thing pun ok r....
we also play car game n as usual me no 4th!!!
i seek 4 KAMI's book again but went out disappointed again...
i want to buy this book no matter wat!!!
so at 5 pm...come back home...give the money back to my ayah......n run to my bedroom coz taknak kene soal ngan ayah(i had menyalahgunakan the money, remeber?? haha)...

muka bangga idung kembang

Thursday, December 25, 2008


template baru..
warna baru..
ada bunga2..
ada rangkai bunga..
warna tulisan putih ungu...
tp still suka background putih!
tp ni ok gak kot..
penat gak mencari link yg hilang..
tetiba gamba pun hilang..
lantak r..


frust giler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cannot get tha KAMI's book because it has sold out!!!!
kecewa nak mampos..
ct had told tat the book is limited... the one tat she saw pun was only one left... just one!!! but i think i can manage to get the book today..................
think positive konon tp tak dpt gak...

but today was sooooooooo njoy giler!!
i went out to klcc with azim, umi, nasywa, yasmin, hidayah n her bf n fic..
its has been so long i didnt go out with them!!
so we just hang out... xchnage study's experince...jln2... minum starbuck...mkn mcd... wanna watch twilight but tak, umi n nasywa bought baju tido with the same corak..
then nasywa said 'sebaik kt belaja tempat laen2'...
n laughing n laughing n laugh n laugh.....
just forget all the probs...

rite now just wait for ct to come back home from kg...
wanna sembang with her soooooooo bad!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


its my blood!!!
im the AB type='kedekut' type..
same like tuan die r...haha..
im not stingy just thrifty...
its not the main point that i wanna talk today... we did the bio practical about the ABO Blood group inheritance..
i just know my type is AB bt dun know wheter its positive or negative..
because by the time i wanna cucuk my finger again, the lancet(needle)had finish..
the pricking my finger part is a bit hurt n i afraid tu prick by myself so i ask my friend to help..
she just had the characteristics of doc cause her face was so selambe when do the prick even she did at her own hand!!
she prick my other friends too..its 4 including me..
shes like pro.. perh..
my hand was cooling and shaking before the pricking session is start...
well im afraid of needle!! haha.. shhhhh...just keep this secret between u n me..
but overall it was fun n i want to prick my finger again, unfortunatly the lancet is not enough..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

old memory bout THE BOY comes back..


yesterday its the closing for the FESTIVAL NUR ISLAM..
in the day we had the karnival where all the pameran about islam..
they also sold scarf..brooch..books bout islam..ect..
best gak..
i like the fashion shows n of course the muslimah fashion..
they also show how to wear scarf in various way..
i learn a lot!!!
kidding. haha.. i just watch for a while cause my stomach sang the hardcore song=HUNGRY!!
then we go for lunch..
bt i do learn a little bit..
oh yeah, i also bought a brooch.. just simple white brooch..
it cost rm10...

at night we have the penutupan rasmi..
they invited mestika n amar.. the nasyid band..
sori..i dont know that band so im not as fanatic as everyone else..
but their voices are good man!!!
i enjoyed last night..
i like when amar show his magic skill..
i tell u he's rrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy GOOD!!
i amazed by his performance..
hmm...i didnt won the khat cmpetition(the 1 tat i post before..)
but hey i experience smthin new n tats is good enough 4 me althought i want tat hamper so badly..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


raya aji is not gempak as the past raya aji..
few things happen n i also not saw the 'sembelih lembu'..
bt still best gak r cause kami ziarah menziarahi..


which is yesterday..
my mtrik wat raya qurban gak..
so.. 5 lembu tumbang..
still tak dpt tgk acara sembelihan..
bt kitorang dpt makanan free!!!!!!
makan gulai kawah...
sedap do...
tp yg lawaknye aku, min, n mun g amek kul 5 tp dapat makan lepas maghrib..
salah kitorang gak..
org beratur amek makanan kitorang duk melepak kt tepi..
bila lauk dah abes baru r terhegeh2 nk pi amek lauk..
by the time kitorang smpai lauk abis!!!
so kitorang pun tggu r lauk seterusnya..
nk pendekkan cite kitrang pn dpt r amek lauk tu n makan lepas maghrib..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


just 2.80..
ok ke??
ntah r..
tp aku da cuba yg terbaek..
sampai ni je kot rezeki aku...
takpe2 sem 2 wat lg baek!!
gambate nadia!!

aku amek result kul 1 padahal semua da amek kul 12..
saje lmbat2 mls tgk ramai org..
so dpt tau je kol ibu..

ibu... me...
ha.. nadia da amek result?? dpt bape??
hmm... 2.8 je...(i said two point eight)
haaaa!! teruknya..!! cketnye!!............................................takper r asalkan ndia dah try...
hmm.. tu r.. nk wat cmne.. bnda dah lepas..(sob sob)
tu la.. betul gak.. tp... nape cket sgt smpai 1.8??(ibu says satu point eight)..
???????????????? ha?? bu ndia dpt two point eight not satu point eight....
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???? la.... ok r tu... ibu nk pengsan bla ndia ckp ndia dpt 1.8..
hahahaha (gelak kuat tak ingat)... pe la ibu ni.. ibu pk ndia blh dpt bape??
ibu target ndia dpt 3.00 bt 2.8 pn ok what.. ibu just bundarkn jd 3 je.. hahaha..

im happy as long as my ibu satisfied..
i know she expect more than this..
im glad she accept my result..
so agak lawak r...
then kol bie(mar)..
n bg msj kt semua kengkawan..
so i dun want to give up!!!
i know i can score in sem 2!!!!