Sunday, September 28, 2008


9.35 p.m...
dont know what to say
but still wanna write smtin in dis blog..
tadi baru jer tgk ct balik kg..
when i see she's going n slowly the vision of car disapper from my eyes
i felt like i am left behind..
n im started miss her..
damn much!!
perhaps because i cannot see her about 1 month later..
the more i think about it the more i wanna cry..
n i cry..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ragam berbuka!!

Today is the best buka pose in this year..
well... for now.. hehe
i buka wif my tutormate..
its full of laughter, happy, camera freak(including me), n we really2 enjoy it..
we ate nasi tomato, karipap, agar2, n cocktail!!! yummy!!
n these are some pic when we waiting 4 azan..

ile berbuka

then we eat till full...
actually i want to eat some more nasi tomato but too shy to tambah nasi...
n then min said 'kt sini konsep dia sapa malu rugi sendiri'
we laughing when min said that..'
i know she wont help me to get the rice..
but she volunteer to teman me..
n it turn out very funny way because both of us walk very creepy way towards nasi like we have done wrong..
when we get to the tong nasi we end up laughing when my mun said our act like want to steal something.. haha..
n... i still didnt get nasi tambah!!
but at last my friends that seat behind me give me the extra nasi
n.. finally i GET THE NASI!!
haha.. lol..
so after having a great dinner.. as usual la 1 2 3 CLICK!!

class potrait (me is the stripe shirt)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

takde keje d bulen pose

best giler do g 'laluan sihat' aritu..
terlupa nk bg pendahuluan.. ahaks.
ok.. it start like this..
aku, sue(the coklat t-shirt), nurin(the blue t-shirt) and other girls nk g maen badminton..
punye r jalan jauh last2 tmpat nk pinjam badminton tu tutup..
so me, sue n nurin decided to go to laluan sihat.. but the others not following us..
then ktorang jalan2 kt laluan sihat jumpa r pulak 1 bukit ni (kinda..!!) haha..
so palagi.. fhotoshoot time!!
check out these pic..
At that 'bukit'..

Melompat lebih tinggi...

otw back to asrama..




kene duri semalu... agak sakit r...(cket jerk)

so at the end of the day, ktorang balik kul 7 terus tggu bkak pose..
op course r byk lg bende best ktorang wat kt sana..
but its secret!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

friends at kmph

i have a friend
its min..
i am me when im wif her
i can talk loudly, laugh until i cry, im open when im wif her..
its not im not being myself around friends here
im like have to cover some of my usually character here...
u can say im hypocrite because that what i do actually at here
but u dont understand unless u in my place.
even she has some weird act but that 'weird' is special bout her..
p/s= i still loves my old friends.. n you guys cannot be replace by anybody!! i have each friends in my each parts of my heart..

tutor's guys..

these 4 from 5 guys at my tutor class...
cool hah....
i used to like the guys with black baju melayu because i think he has mysterious personality but then he just only like other boys who just hang out wif ensem boy n cool girl...
me?? not!!
but now i started to like the white baju melayu...
he cute he funny n most important part he'll be friend everyone!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

doktor terlampau..

today i had operate rat..
its white rat n cute!!
i get the female rat...
at first i feel sooooo sympathy for the rat but lama2 i become exited!!
before this i had operate frog in highschool..
the method is same but ada gak r laen2 cket...
so check out this 'pkar bedah' pic..

auwww.. sexy!!

the organs

look at her tounge!! cute!!!

find me!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


today im quit happy because i got the second highest in chem test!!!
at first i dont believe it because the test is quit hard...
but then i can prove to everyone that i also can get highest mark especially to my tutor chem lect!!
nothing is imposible man!!

stay away from my life!!

this story suppose to be write yesterday but since i was so bz...
i feel happy because my class had been cancel so apalagi tdo r!!!!
after i get into my room..
i had set my alarm to wake up at 10.30 but i woke up at 11.30!!!!
naseb baek my class start at 12..
then when i attend to my bio class, as usual we sit at our place for waiting the lect to come..
we waited so long then we realise that lect didnt come!!
perh klu tau baek smbung tdo...
but me n 2 others friend stay at the class for...what else?? ngumpat r!!
haha.. no la.. just sembang2 biasa jer...
free giler... happy do..
it turn out the other way when it come evening...
its all start with my rommate!!
camni, i bukak my kain baju kurung but still wear baju kurung and sit at my bed..
then my roommate get home..suddenly she said 'nadia pakai r kain dalam seksinye duk camtu!!!'
my baju kurung panjang ok!! its not like i not wearing at all..
the thing is the way she talk to me like.......perh!!!
so, i change my shirt n go to perjumpaan kelab gym even its too early to go to the perjumpaan..
mals nk layan org cmtu do!!
even before this she keep makes me mad plus she's so annoying!!!
like crazy!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


i can write my blog again..
well today not much things to do..
i had save 'My Boss My Hero' in my pc.. it's japanese drama..
i had watch it but i wanna watch it again wif my brother n also my ct!!
puasa ok n i only berbuka with mee, roti john n tepung pelita...
konon nk kurus!!
at bazar i meet da one that i admire, zahin!! he still handsome as always..
i also meet a boy like pemain bola, zakuan...
he's so kakkoi!!!!!!!!!!
i feel happy today but a little bit sad when im thinking that im not celebrate raya wif ct n mar...
sob.. sob..
i feel like tawar hati nk raya tahun ni!!!
smtimes i think mybe my friend, iba right about saying 'we have to sacrifice many things as we grown up'..

to ct n mar:
i hope the 3 days that we will spend together will be the best days we ever had before raya!!!
i realy want to cry rite now...

Friday, September 5, 2008


at least i have my own blog!!!
sound like budak kecik kn..
i started to show my interest in this blogging thing when my friend start her own blog...
so i found it very interesting..
and i start my own blog!!

well not much to say today..
today suppose my class end 12 o'clock but my lect tersangat rajin do an extra class..
but its ok because after class i can go to bazar..
ooo.. i forgort to tell u... now im study at matrik pahang.
so dtg r melawat.. huhu..
i guess i end up my writing here...
blogger soon...

damn i miss ct and mar soo much!!