Thursday, January 29, 2009

when can i go home???

its been 2 days since im back to this matrik..
n i got 2 months to finished my study..
but why it seem like theres a tan of time for me to finished it??
the 2 months are like 2 years for me n i wanna get my butt out from this matrik AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! but before that i have to seat the big test.. which mean the BIG FINAL XAM is around the corner..

for yasmin anak sapian..
sori i did not blog the story among three of us(including umi) in the car-empty petrol situation..which i said i want to do so..
takde masa r..
but memang lawak n cuak at that time..
thanks to min who is the main character n idea...
lagi2 bila part kat lampu isyarat menunjukkan lampu merah n lampu kat gamba minyak keta min menunjukkan warna kuning...
sian umi terlepas scene yg amat sangat kalaka..
but i enjoy myself that day!!!
for those who wanna know the story more...please contact this people:

Saturday, January 24, 2009


kita takut org salah paham..
kita takut org piki lain..
kita takut org terluka..
sbb 2 kita berahsia..

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mean it!!

what if ur best friend hurt u??
its hurt isnt it??
really HURT..
u will think what the 'best friend' mean to her..
is she really know what its mean or just another word to pleased her friend??
its hard for me to mengaku that somebody is my best friend but when i do, i take care n support n be there when she need me n...... the title bestfiend is just too big for me..
its more like sahabat sejati rather than kawan..
what will u do now...??
u wanna breaks ur 'bestfriend' realtionship or just act cool like it doesnt hurt u badly??
please tell me..
will u??

"friends are tough..."

Monday, January 19, 2009


have been watching twilight like 5 times since last friday... fell in love with ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!
he just sssssssoooooooooo ensem for a vampire!! haha..
i know its kinda toooo late coz just started watched twilight whereas others like get over it n waiting for the New Moon to come out..
so what.. im bz la...
now only i get the chance to watch it.
well i read somewhere that New Moon will release in this November..
cant wait to watched that!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

api itu sgt panas

miss giler nak blogging balik..
its been 1 n a half week rite??
or more than that?? dun know.. haha..
its not because im lazy.. its 4 the UPS...
yap Ujian Pertengahan Semester yg aku belajar giler2 (i even not open my laptop u know!!) tp terasa sgt blur bila menjawab...
haha.. so lame.. haha..

before im writing more bout UPS i wanna say thanks EMIRA coz u puji my blog...
im so touched... haha..

kk.. back to topic..
im acctualy quiet hyper today rite?? mybe bcoz its end of UPS already or bcoz im eating too much meat(hari ni baru jumpa daging setelah sekian lama makan ayam or ikan je..)..
kk back to topic again..
wat topic?? ooo UPS..
im too cnfident went i answer my BI paper but in the afternoon, the CHEM paper is really3 hard!!
i dun expect the question will be that way..
its full of putar belit but
it just use the simple formula!!(i know that when we discuss about the answer with lect today)..
even if u r not put or wrong the unit or phases ur mark is ZERO!!
mybe my paper will full of shining lovely red colour..
n the lect today was so sarcastics!! she's like saying 'GOOD!!' 'PERFECT!!' n repeat it again n again when she knows our answer are wrong..
for the MATH paper..
i wish i had xtra half an hour to answer the question..
i know i can do it.. i just need more time..
n trust me i can get heart attack when answer the UPS especially in math paper..
it just so sesak dada n stressy because when u look at watch u have 10 min n yet u didnt finish 3 questions!!
but i just left 1 question..
not 3.. haha..
BIO is the easiest paper!! well not so easy but still easy among the other papers excluded bi..
BI its not included in PNGK but still have to take it.. dun know why.. we already had MUET but still has to take bi paper..
ok da menyimpang...
back to BIO... i L.O.V.E BIO sooooo much..
i hope i can get A in this subject..
or else....

so... lain2 citer is like...:
8.1 my bro burpday..
13.1 my ibu officially retired..
recently i feel like wanna eat every min...!! setiap sejam LAPAR!! haha...
can't wait for the sleepover n the birthday party at iba's house..
till then...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

to SITI..

i just read ur blog bout ur life in 2008..
n it kinda make me remember bout my life in 2007... form 5 life..
the more i remember it the more i cry bout it..
its true the memory is priceless.. no money can buy it even a tan of gold..
n i treasured every single memory that me n my school friends had..
smpai skang kadang2 aku takleh terima perpisahan ni..
everytime i see my old school, everytime i see school pic..
the memory keeps repeating in my mind..
it just soo hard but believe me the friendship will last longer n become more stronger..
at least for somebody...
when u guys see each other again someday or when the holiday of college, u all will change story bout each other experiences in college n laughing about all the things that u all did in highschool..
n for me the school life is the BEST life i had ever been...
u laugh, get hurt, bakstabed, angry, jealous, get scolded with teacher.... all these things make u become more matured as u know the TRUE WORLD is a lot more MEAN than this..

i just touched...
when u said u crying badly at the last day of SPM..
i know u didnt much show ur true feeling..
even in front of me, ur childhood friend...u didnt cry when u have a big probs... u just laught bout it whenever u tell me bout the prob.. so it makes me so touched when u said u cry bout this..
n.. it makes me cry too.. u know i am soooooo sensitif when it comes to friends things..

but i want u to know something... theres no end to our friendship even we are in miles away rite now..u always be my BEST FRIEND..

New year??

great!! laen suma tgh gembira2..aku duk terperap dlm bilek ni cam org bodo..da r takleh balik kl which mean tak smbut NEW YEAR!!!!dah naseb friends at kl also didnt celebrate this year...they also not in mood coz tak cukup ahli dlm geng...this new year mmg btul2 takbest... suck!!but i do hope dis year will be greater than last year..takde mood r nk tulis lg...just tgh boring gile dlm bilek n merana duk matrik ni...cepat lah abes...

EPPI 2009!!!