Sunday, August 30, 2009

free to fly...

the feeling is indescribable..
want to say it in detail but have no rite words
all i know is people need changes whether they bring in the good site or just let be the bad one..
im not saying im matured enough but enough to say that im grown up..
so many problems rite now...
new friends...
old friends..
its not that big probs but still it distract me every time lately...
the more i thought bout it the more confusing i am...
but im still young..
got a lot things to learn n got a lot fun to enjoy...
hope i got the courage to stand at my own feet..

Thursday, August 13, 2009


my test akaun SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

balik kg!!

so me n my brothers together with his friends went to Terengganu.
our plan is just for 3 days(from friday to sunday) bt my aunt n my cousin insist us to stay a little bit longer..
after a few minutes of discussion, we decided to stay until monday..
we went to many places (byk la sgt, semua tempat tu dah biasa pergi..)
oh.. i forgot to tell you that my kg is at terenggau so we didnt have probs about sleeping...
we went to Pasar payang, dataran Shahbandar, pantai Cenderih(btul ke ajaan aku ni??) n selainnya lepak2ing..

the funny part is when my brother forgot which road to my grandparents house..
haha.. so we keliling batu bersuratnye roundabout like milion time..
call my parents n they gave the instuction n 'thing' we already in front of our kampung!!!
my nenek asked why we were taking so long n my little brother answered:

'kitorang sesat, pastu banyak pusing kt batu NISAN..???'

me, my aunt n nenek burst to loud laugh!!!
hahaha.. how come the Batu Bersurat become Batu Nisan!!

so stop the story n start the pics..

3 beradik

my bro
pertandingan cangkung

my bro's friends.. jo n li
the view..
ma little brother..

thats it..
kami byk amek gamba kt pantai je...